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Atelier TBH

The accidental impact when influencers post on social media

Flamingo drawing with facebook and twitter logos with two people shouting icon

In the last few days, in light of Elon Musk, urging people to delete their Facebook accounts, I have been contemplating all of my social media. Questioning why I am connected to so many different accounts. Being an artist and Read more…

Scene outline and plot guide for writing novels

The way I write is like an avalanche. Presently, I have four novels in the process. Two of which, in my excitement, were sent to agents in the hope of getting them published. After many rejections, I pondered what I Read more…

Fine artist with an obsession for painting: Adam Murray

Painting by Adam Murray, lady reclining on a bed in the sun in pink and green

Adam Murray is a fine art painter, based in Port Macquarie, Australia, but ships his femme fatale paintings worldwide. Subject matter includes, the female form, oceanic scenes and whimsical brush strokes that flow like liquid candy across the canvas. Adam’s Read more…

Feature artist: Photographer, David Gardiner

Black and white photograph of a sailing ship

David is an Australian photographer and musician living in London. David predominately shoots with a Canon EOSM10, an easy to manipulate camera, that contains more complex functions, for times when lighting or shutter speed needs to be adjusted on site. Read more…